Once you have a regular Jade Egg practice in place, you can start going deeper with these tailored powerful sessions.

There are 5 flavors to take your Jade Egg practice to the next level with online sessions. These are for you to experience being guided while being in the comfort and intimacy of your own space, reclaiming your body, reclaiming yourself.


Let your Sexy take over


Connect to your WILD side


Step into your full POWER


Deep cleansing session


Full permission to FEEL

*Open only to women who have attended Level 1 workshop live or online or who already have a regular Jade Egg or Yoni Egg practice.

Camille always made me feel that she had my back during our sessions together. As she guided me into different flavours of the jade egg practice, I always felt safe to be in my own experience. She exudes an aura of gentle authority. My capacity for sensation and pleasure increased during the jade egg practices with her and for that I am deeply grateful (and so is my husband! :-))
— Claudia. Melbourne, Australia.


Each session is audio-guided so you can stay connected to your own experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Sessions are about 45/60min.

There are 5 flavours to take your Jade Egg practice to the next level:

  • Jade Healing - deep cleansing session

  • Jade Sexy - let your sexy take over

  • Jade Wild - (re)connect to your wild side

  • Jade Pleasure - full permission to feel

  • Jade Power - step into your full power

Packages include: the audio-guided session + 1:1 coaching sessions to integrate and address specific needs.

Camille is a beautiful jade Egg Coach, she holds the space with such beauty and intimacy that as you open to your sexual energy you can’t help but feel in awe of how wonderfully it all unfolds. That is the beauty of working with Camille, she has a way of making anything that rises from within us feel so welcome, so safe and so loved.
— Florence. London, UK