2 JUNE 2019



Jade Power Ibiza
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In this discovery workshop you will get everything you need to start your Jade Egg practice journey, including a mix of great information and energy practices to prepare for and develop a regular practice at home. You will leave with this incredible tool to connect to your source of radiance and power.

This is a perfect way to be initiated to these ancient healing and energy practices and get supportive tools to start your practice at your own pace and in the privacy of your home.

Along with your egg you have an audio guided practice plus one group call a week after the workshop to ask any questions you may have after starting using the egg.

There is also an optional online community of amazing women that you can join to get extra support and share your experiences.

*Sisters Promotion:

Bring a sister with you and get both -10%!


The Jade Egg is a Yoni Egg and comes from an ancient Taoist tradition; it was used by women as a secret power tool to cultivate and enhance their sexual energy and refine it through their whole body to boost health, radiance, vitality and creativity.

Having a regular practice is like yoga for your pussy: strengthening your pelvic floor + turning the volume up your energy levels + balancing your hormones + bringing you joy, alignment in your body and opening you up to new levels of pleasure!

For me, the Jade Egg is a real super power for modern day mothers and such a fun tool to bring you back to your body and unleash your full potential as a woman.

The workshop was amazing. Surrounded by women in a shared interest in finding ways to take care of our bodies and celebrate our wild feminine. It is a journey.
Thanks Camille!
— Clara, Brussels.
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