Reclaim the balance between the Mother and the Woman in You.

What if awakening your sexual energy was the key to finding who you really are and what you truly desire?

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Hi, I’m Camille

I am excited to share with you how radical self-love and sexual empowerment can make you feel totally radiant, joyful and empowered in your life as a Mother AND as a Woman.

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When you become a mom do you ever dream that one day you might become so involved with everything and everyone but yourself that you won't remember who you are and what you want?

... or that you’ll be so tired and overwhelmed by work and children that you won't even feel like having sex anymore?

…that you would feel turned-off inside?

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I have been there; fell into the over-giving trap as a mother. I also paid the price of never choosing to listen to my needs, pushing down the uncomfortable emotions and staying in control of EVERYTHING until I could no longer.

It is only when I stopped running around trying to please everyone and do everything that I started to look inward and found myself.


Not prioritizing yourself or your pleasure happens because of beliefs like this:

"Being a mother is more important than anything else"

"Taking time alone for myself is selfish"

"Self-pleasure is for others, I don’t need it"

"As long as we love each other, sex is not that important"

Sometimes we even use our children as an excuse for not facing the fact that we are not following our dreams, that we have settled for what we thought was the best for everyone, until we can’t feel our deep desires anymore.

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"Redefining who you are beyond motherhood is a personal journey.

And like every journey it can be signposted and lit along the way."

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This awakening and transformational journey is for women:

  • who feel disconnected from their body, sexuality and self

  • who struggle with numbness and desire to feel alive again

  • who feel lost, overwhelmed and not even sure of what they really want

  • who want to take their relationship to themselves to the next level

  • whose children are growing older and finally have time for themselves but feel stuck

  • whose sex life and desire is almost gone (or even totally dead) since they had children

  • who feel it is too late to reclaim their full womanhood and won’t be able to change


Are you ready to do something about it?



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In this 12-week, one-on-one coaching program, I will guide you step by step back to your desires, back to yourself.

Helping you to remove all the obstacles in the way of embracing your full womanhood. By using a range of holistic tools, including the powerful Jade Egg, to connect and awaken your sensuality and empowered-self.

From feeling disconnected from your body and stuck in your life, I will support you to come back home in your body, to prioritise & celebrate yourself, to find out who you are and what you want and to reclaim the radiant empowered woman in you!

You can expect emotional benefits like:

  • an increased sense of self-love and worthiness

  • feeling so good in your own skin

  • feeling emotionally empowered

  • feeling joyful, sexy and radiant

  • enhanced clarity and confidence

  • being ready to move in the direction of your dreams

You can expect physical benefits like:

  • more connection to your body

  • a stronger and more sensitive pelvic floor

  • feeling your sexual energy awaken in you

  • experiencing greater pleasure during sex

  • more balance in your sexuality

  • having more energy

The methodology includes a unique form of results-driven coaching that encompasses modern psychology, cutting-edge neuroscience, and ancient yogic philosophy and energy practice.



The sessions are taking place via online videoconference, in the comfort of your own home. Holding you with compassion in an absolutely safe and non-judgmental way, I’ll make sure each step you take is the most aligned with your goals. Using a body-based approach to explore your mind we’ll uncover and integrate the pieces that are holding you back. The sessions are supportive, deep and transformative and as a result you’ll experience amazing shifts from day one.

Most of us don’t feel allowed to fully express ourselves while being loved and accepted. When you are being held with this level of compassion and permission, your whole being begins to open, heal and transform.

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Your individual program will be customized to your needs in the most powerful and supportive way.  

These coaching sessions combine somatic body-based practices, ancient tantric and taoist practices, with the most cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology to give you a truly holistic approach to achieving your desires.

Most coaching and therapies only work on a mind level, we go deeper: to the root of what is holding you back.

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Homeplay & AUDIO

After our sessions, I send you personalized home practices called “homeplay” to help you integrate what we did in the session and deepen the process. 

These can include audio-guided practices, meditations, visualizations, self-pleasure practices, breathwork, and energy practices.  

And all the tools and resources you need to be able to support and empower yourself even after the completion of your coaching package. 


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After every session, I send you a follow-up email, re-counting the session and everything we did together. 

Often, the work in the sessions goes incredibly deep, and it's not always easy to remember everything that unfolds. By reading back through, you'll be able to further integrate, as well as see everything that we've done together and how you've transformed over the weeks.

You’ll also have unlimited email access to me if you need any extra support.


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Have you ever used any self-help or therapy or healing modality that included a mind/body approach and sexual energy?

We all have been more or less conditioned around who we should be and limiting ourselves about what we can do, keeping us from expressing fully ourselves in the world. 

Our biggest blocks go far deeper than the thinking conscious mind. They live in our subconscious - and those subconscious beliefs are stored in parts of the brain that you can only access through involving the body.

Our life force energy as women is linked to our sexual energy, it is our deep source of power, vitality, creativity and radiance.

The way you relate to your body, your emotions, your breath, your thoughts, your ability to say yes to pleasure, your capacity for intimacy, confidence, internal safety, is all linked to how much you allow yourself to be switched-on.

Awakening your sexual energy + Empowering yourself will get you what you desire.

Working with the Jade Egg as a concrete and powerful tool to awaken and tap into your feminine sexual energy, you’ll learn how to use it as a fuel for your desires and empowerment.

Being empowered means that you know on a deep level what you want for yourself, you are not waiting for someone else to give it to you.

When you start to tap into your sexual energy, start to own your sexuality for yourself, start to open to your pleasure unapologetically, you start to expand your definition of yourself, start to feel your own depth, your own power and everything changes. 

You own your clear “no” and your clear “yes”. You have a confidence and connection within your body that you can fully trust. You are in touch with your inner-wisdom and know how to turn on your radiance.

You show up in the world knowing you belong, that you are good enough, beautiful enough, worthy enough, deserving enough of ANYTHING YOU DESIRE.   
















Ready to turn your Woman Power ON?


In addition to my 700+ hours of training in sex, love and relationship coaching specializing in Jade Egg and woman’s empowerment, I have been teaching yoga and mindfulness meditation for years.

Being a mother of 2, I also understanding the unique struggles we face raising little humans. I've also been on my own deep journey into the depths of removing my own limitations and reclaiming who I am.

I came to this work first through the Jade Egg to heal and reconnect to my body and sexuality after having my second son.

What I found on the other side was so empowering that it completely shifted my perspective on sexual energy and how essential it is for women to feel whole and connected body, heart and mind.

Sexual energy is still a big missing piece in self-development and healing work, yet it is the most amazing fuel to your empowerment and thriving.

From personal experience and from seeing over and over my clients’ blossoming, I can guarantee you this work is one of the most powerful out there. 


The next step is scheduling your FREE 1-hour discovery call with me!

Before starting my journey with Camille, I was lost. I wasn’t sure who I was any more. I guess I got lost over the years between the person my parents wanted me to be, the person my ex partners made me feel I was, the perfect mother I wanted to be, the successful carrier woman I wanted to be (and clearly wasn’t). I lost track of who I deeply was. My life felt like a giant undone jigsaw and Camille helped me put the pieces back together. I can now see the bigger picture. I am grateful for who I am and what I have. I feel a lot happier, I’ve learnt to love myself and I do enjoy every single day of my life. I feel very connected to my true self and can feel my presence in this world. I feel more powerful as a woman too. And I have a beautiful relationship with both my children. I am very thankful for this journey, which helped me reconnect with the beautiful human being and soul I had forgotten I was.
— Sandrine. London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it doesn’t work for me?

You get to talk with me in a free 60min discovery call to see if we are the right fit for each other. During this hour I answer all of your questions and present the methodology so you get a clear idea of what it entails. I am so confident in giving you results that I offer a 100% refund guarantee if you are not satisfied at the end of the 12 sessions.

Are single sessions available?   

No. This type of high-end coaching builds towards you achieving a specific goal. In order to cultivate the focus this requires, consistency and commitment are necessary.   

I am a single mother; is this program for me?

Yes! The program is designed to empower you in your sexuality and life regardless or your relationship status. Reclaim the Woman in You is about connecting with your own self, your body, your real desires and your confidence first and foremost. 
It's a wonderful thing to do for yourself and it enables you to know what you want in future relationships (and to be radiant and sexy no matter what).

I'm in a relationship - will this program help me have better sex with my partner?

The coaching program is designed to give you greater sensitivity and connection to yourself, which then obviously also means better sex with your partner. This creates more meaningful and pleasurable lovemaking.

Women have experienced a huge awakening of sexual passion in their marriages and long-term relationships after this work.

Can this course help my relationship?

If you getting more alive and full of joy and pleasure, knowing what you want, while experiencing more self-worth and love will help your relationship, then, yes. But this isn't a relationship focused course, it's focused on you.

I am not a mother but this program resonates with me, can I still enroll?

This program is designed for mothers but not limited to. You can book a discovery call and we will discuss how I can tailor the program to your specific needs.

Am I too old to do this course?

Nope. I have worked with women in their 70s - sexy and radiant is important at any age and I warmly welcome you bringing your special wisdom to this process.

What about the Jade Egg, I am not sure I want to use it?

The Jade Egg is one of my most powerful coaching tools and I highly recommend using it. I would typically include 3 Jade Egg sessions in the 12 weeks of the program. However, it is totally an option. If you are unsure or want more information about it, you can start by reading this, and then we can talk about it more on the discovery call.

How explicit are our sessions?   

We will be speaking of and addressing sexuality in an open and mature way. That being said, we all have our own comfort levels. In the container of our work together your sense of safety and trust is a priority. The exercises and homework I recommend will take this into consideration. I will always check in with you first.

Is this program all about sexual empowerment?

This program is about supporting you in your empowerment in all areas of your life. So we won’t just be addressing sexual empowerment. But awakening your sexual energy is a gateway to finding your true self and desires back. Embracing your sexual energy in a positive and empowered way will transform your relationship to yourself and your expression of yourself in the world.

How comfortable do I have to be with the subject of sexuality to get the most out of this program?   

Come as you are. Although we will certainly be addressing your pleasure and sexuality, the purpose and design of this course is aimed at supporting you in a way that feels safe and respectful of your own pace and desired outcome. Before enrolling we have a call during which we can see if this program is a good fit for you. 

How much time do I need to dedicate each week?

On top of your 75min weekly coaching session with me, I’ll give you some extra practices in between sessions to go deeper and help integrate what came up during the session. 
These practices - called homeplay - are an essential part of this process in creating sustainable and integrated change. That being said, they are also tailored to your schedule and to who you are. This work is here to support you. 

I have experienced trauma. Is this work trauma-informed?   

Yes, my training is trauma-informed and I am ready to hold a safe space for you. However, if you hold severe and unresolved trauma, I strongly recommend our coaching be done after or in combination with weekly or bi-weekly therapy. 

Do I have to be in a specific country to enroll in the program?

No. You can be anywhere in the world and enroll in this program as our sessions will always take place over online videoconference. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection you are good to go.

What about time zones?

My clients are from all over the world. I have a flexible schedule and all it takes is to find hours working for both of us.

Do you only coach in English?

I mostly coach in English but I can also coach in French and Spanish if it is easier for you.


How does the enrollment work?   

First step is to book your discovery call. There we’ll get to know each other and take a deep dive into where you’re at and what we can do to get you where you want to be. These calls are free of cost and zero pressure. At the end of our call you get to decide if you want to commit to the program.

I can’t commit to 12 weeks in a row; do you have any other alternative? 

This program is designed to be done over a 3-month period on a weekly basis so you can the most out of it. However if it doesn’t work for you (I know how school holidays get in your way…) the 12 sessions can be booked over a period of 4 months (20 weeks).

What kind of access do I have to Camille in between sessions?

Reclaim the Woman in You coaching program gives you unlimited email access to me and I will always answer within 48 business hours.


100 % Refund Guarantee.png

I am so confident in the power of this program that I will refund 100% of your investment if you are not satisfied on completion of the program. You must have attended all sessions to be eligible for a refund. 


You’ll receive the following bonuses when you join!

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Jade Power Basic

Package includes: canadian certified néphrite Jade Egg + Basic practice audio guided session.

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Bonus Live Breathwork Session: Heart + Womb Centered 60min


Are you ready to Reclaim the Woman in You?

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