The Blissfully Empowering Coaching Program for Mothers


What if awakening your sexuality was the key to finding who you really are and what you truly desire?

In this 12-week one-on-one coaching program you’ll:

Finally prioritize yourself.

Experience self-love, worthiness and empowerment.

Unlock a wellspring of desire & sexual joy within you.

Shift your relationship with your body to a loving one.

Feel more magnetic, radiant & confident.

Break out of limiting patterns so you can be who you are born to be!

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Before starting my journey with Camille, I was lost. I wasn’t sure who I was any more. I guess I got lost over the years between the person my parents wanted me to be, the person my ex partners made me feel I was, the perfect mother I wanted to be, the successful carrier woman I wanted to be (and clearly wasn’t). I lost track of who I deeply was. My life felt like a giant undone jigsaw and Camille helped me put the pieces back together. I can now see the bigger picture. I am grateful for who I am and what I have. I feel a lot happier, I’ve learnt to love myself and I do enjoy every single day of my life. I feel very connected to my true self and can feel my presence in this world. I feel more powerful as a woman too. And I have a beautiful relationship with both my children. I am very thankful for this journey which helped me reconnect with the beautiful human being and soul I had forgotten I was.
— Sandrine. London, UK
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Get this Empowerment Kit to start taking up space, be seen and share your gifts in a bolder way.

KIT = Taking up Space Guidebook + Power & Radiance Meditation