The Jade Egg is a Yoni Egg and comes from an ancient Taoist tradition; it was used by women as a secret power tool to cultivate and enhance their sexual energy and refine it through their whole body to boost health, radiance, vitality and creativity.

Having a regular practice is like yoga for your pussy: strengthening your pelvic floor + turning the volume up your energy levels + balancing your hormones + bringing you joy, alignment in your body and opening you up to new levels of pleasure!

For me, the Jade Egg is a real super power for modern day women and such a fun tool to bring you back to your body and unleash your full potential.

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results that you can expect with Jade Egg practice:

• Increase in libido

• Increase of sensitivity

• Increase of self-love

• Increase of connection to your body

• A more balanced sexuality

•Feeling radiant from within

•Feeling empowered and joyful

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Health issues that may be relieved by the practice*:

• Prolapse

• Incontinence

• Post-partum issues

• Post abortion

• Fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, painful periods

• Yeast infections

• Sexual trauma

*Of course, there are no guarantees that it will solve every individual’s health issues, much like modern medicine can’t guarantee that either ;)

It made me realise that my pleasure, playfulness and power is inside of me...and is not dependent on a man. How liberating!
— Katia, Brussels, Belgium
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In this workshop you will learn and get everything you need to start your Jade Egg practice journey at home, including a mix of great information and energy practices to prepare for and develop a regular practice. You will leave with this incredible tool to connect to your source of radiance and power.

This is a perfect way to be initiated to these ancient healing and energy practices with other women and get supportive tools to then start your personal practice at your own pace and in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Check out the upcoming workshop dates and location below. Or sign up to get notified about the upcoming Jade Power Discovery Workshops.

I highly recommend the Jade Egg workshop with Camille to anyone. It’s a great tool to know yourself more, to feel connected and empowered.
— Agnès. London, UK
I really loved the workshop. Camille is professional and really sincere. I loved that she talked about ancient wisdom but also real life things that might bring you to this workshop or that might come up with the practice. We had a perfect group moment in a safe-space provided by her without any taboos. Thank you again. I was able to open up some blockings, regain more self-confidence and rediscover more (self-) pleasure since I started my practice.
— Tina, Paris
The workshop was amazing. Surrounded by women in a shared interest in finding ways to take care of our bodies and celebrate our wild feminine. It is a journey.
Thanks Camille!
— Clara, Brussels







13 OCTOBRE 2019

Excellent workshop. Every woman should do it! Very empowering and taught me to embrace my feminine power.
— Sabrina. London, UK
During this workshop, I learned a lot about the virtues of Jade Egg practices but I also enjoyed being part of a group in a caring environment. After using the Jade egg few times, I feel really good, energized, more confident and whole.
— Valérie. London, UK
Camille is an amazing coach who shares only practices that she has tested and approved before. This make all the difference. Also she is totally and genuinely passionate and has a perfect knowledge of what she teaches. It was a great and valuable experience to participate in the jade egg workshop.
— Adelaide, Paris
The workshop was such a great place to explore ways of self care and learn about the benefits of a jade egg practice.
— Catrine, Ibiza


Once you have a regular Jade Egg practice in place, you can start going deeper with these tailored powerful sessions.

There are 5 flavors to take your Jade Egg practice to the next level with online sessions. These are for you to experience being guided while being in the comfort and intimacy of your own space, reclaiming your body, reclaiming yourself.

*Open to women who have attended Level 1 Jade Power Workshop (live or online) or who already have a regular Jade Egg or Yoni Egg practice.

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Camille always made me feel that she had my back during our sessions together. As she guided me into different flavours of the jade egg practice, I always felt safe to be in my own experience. She exudes an aura of gentle authority. My capacity for sensation and pleasure increased during the jade egg practices with her and for that I am deeply grateful (and so is my husband! :-))
— Claudia. Melbourne, Australia.
After going through many IVF and miscarriages, I have finally been able to heal and even love that part of me that I was so angry with. The Jade Egg is a healing gift for myself and for coming home to my body.
— Vanessa. Paris, France.
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Let your Sexy take over

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Step into your full Power

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Full permission to Feel

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Deep cleansing session

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Connect with your Wild side

Camille is a beautiful jade Egg Coach, she holds the space with such beauty and intimacy that as you open to your sexual energy you can’t help but feel in awe of how wonderfully it all unfolds. That is the beauty of working with Camille, she has a way of making anything that rises from within us feel so welcome, so safe and so loved.
— Florence. London, UK