I’m Camille.

A Sexual Empowerment Coach for Women, passionate and dedicated to helping you live a life filled with more passion, purpose and pleasure.

My mission is to help women get back in contact with their own source of power, for them to feel radiant, alive, confident, sensual and passionate… so that they can change the world! 

I believe that a sexually empowered woman is a thriving Woman

Camille has a gift and a wonderful way of enabling healing.
I felt confident from moment one about her and her ability, there is something very special about the way she talks and looks at people. She made me feel my body in a new way, opening up a new door to reconnect with me, with my body. And that changed my whole experience of myself.
— Laura. Bogota, Colombia
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Becoming a mother definitively redefined my identity. As much as I desired and loved having children, the reality is that being a working mom with 2 young children took a hard toll on my energy.

Like many women I felt happy but exhausted from early motherhood.

Worst, I was feeling guilty when taking time for myself or resentful when not doing it enough. I fell in the over-giving trap of motherhood, not prioritizing myself and pushing down the uncomfortable emotions. 

I was so busy juggling with life without a deeper sense of my purpose. I couldn’t remember what I really wanted for myself. Yes, I was a wife, a mother and a colleague but beyond all those roles and labels?

I knew something was missing but couldn’t find what.

It took me a while to realize that the missing link was about redefining who I was, not as expected from others but for myself, first and foremost… and that the way back to myself was to connect deeper to my womanhood and embrace it fully.  

As a yoga teacher I was drawn to ancient yogic philosophies, and as I learned about these tantric and taoist healing and energy practices, I started to transform. I kept learning and growing, listening more and more to my body and my inner wisdom and less to the voice and opinions of others.

Over the years I went trough a deep transformational journey that allowed me to shed layers of conditioning that I had adopted along the way. 

It wasn't until I started doing this deeper work through coaching that I was able to see my own limitations, heal my wounds and see how I was giving away my power and not owning fully my voice. Through sensual awakening and sexual empowerment I connected back with my desire and passion for life. And slowly my bold, radiant and creative self that was hiding resurfaced. 

Through sexual empowerment I found MYSELF, embracing all of my imperfections and strength, reclaiming who I was beyond all labels. 

I freed myself from limiting beliefs and conditioning around my own power, my pleasure and what a mother should or shouldn’t be. I fell back in love with my body and learned new ways to channel my emotions. I also learned how to cultivate my energy level and use it to have more creativity, clarity and deep alignment in my mind, body and soul. 

Mostly I learned to accept fully who I was and made peace with all the parts in me.

This rippled into all areas of my life and I was able to reach the next level of my empowerment as a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur. This is when I started really showing up in the world, without apology and started creating the life I always wanted, sharing my creativity, my fire, my voice.

My mission is to support other women on their unique path back to themselves so that they can rise and thrive.

So many women are keeping themselves small and not owning their energy, their potential… they give up on their dreams and stay in the familiar and comfortable… but deep inside they are craving for more and I want to empower them to trust themselves and to support them in reigniting their passion from within. 

It is my great honor to help you reclaim who you truly are and to see you step into your true power and full radiance!

The world needs you. 

Are you ready to make a change?


  • I am 100% French but I was born in Finland and raised in Brazil, Nigeria, and Japan

  • I live in London with my husband Luke and our two French-American boys: James (8) & Benjamin (3)

  • I have been teaching for more than a decade, first French, then Yoga and now Pussy Yoga!

  • I love dancing and dance-breaks are my go-to pleasure treats when I am sitting at my computer for too long

  • When I’m not coaching clients or teaching yoga, I am usually dancing & cooking in my kitchen with my kids


  • Certified Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, with Layla Martin

  • Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

  • Certified Jade Egg Coach from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

  • Certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, with Gina Scarito

  • Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher, with Judith Hanson Lasater

  • Certified Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, with Bryony Duckitt

Camille is an excellent coach, she holds beautiful space and guides you expertly through processes that you can use in everyday life! I found my sessions with her to be extremely beneficial and supportive in getting me through a tough time. After just 2 sessions I am feeling much more in the flow with life and aligned with my purpose!
— Willow. Santa Cruz, USA
Camille offered me loving support and clear guidance in our sessions. I felt so empowered in my emotions and with myself in a way I never dared to imagine! I am so grateful for what changed within me and I absolutely recommend working with her!
— Katrin. Francfort, Germany

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