Episode #5 - This is why you are having the same fight over and over…

You have been in a long-term relationship when…

You know this fight so well you know what he or she is going to say next and you already hate it.

These moments make you feel both miserable and it feels like you have already been there a billion times before, yet here you are AGAIN! 

And no matter what you try – being nice, getting defensive, getting really mad, turning cold and indifferent, giving up— nothing works. 

The big problem here is we often don’t know how to talk to each other and mostly how to fully listen to our partner without taking it personal.

Especially in long-term relationships where we tend to take everything for granted and have established ways to communicate and fight. 

It can feel hard to express how we are feeling when we know our partner will automatically either:

  • feel wounded

  • try to “fix our issue”

  • or judge us

This month, I am exploring all thing relationships (with ourselves and with others) and I want to focus this week especially on how we can communicate with our partners in a way that feels both authentic and safe to express our truths.

And I am letting you in THE practice that will make your communication hiccups and old deja-vu fights a thing of the past. 

The beauty of it is that this practice only takes 10-15 min and is based on 3 simple questions.

And I have seen this work so well, it is often the most powerful tool for a couple. So don’t underestimate the value of communication and how much it can mean to your relationship. 

In this podcast episode I am sharing this practice called Love, Fears and Desires.

This is a real game changer for communication, because it’s not just about communicating in a healthy, positive and mature way, it’s also about how to hold space for and invite your partner to go deeper into the core of the issue. 

It has the power to shift old patterns and allow you to be really supportive of each other’s needs and desires. What a breeze!

This is what you’ll learn: 

·      How to speak to each other regularly about what you want, really fear and really love about each other 

·      How to explore issues that are stressful and without getting triggered and escalading into a fight

·      How to support your relationship by creating container for real communication.

>>> Get comfy and hit here to listen (as always it takes less than 10 min I promise)

To better, healthier & more meaningful communication!