Can you guess who is the hardest critic of your body?

Every time you pass a mirror, what is the first thing you notice: what looks good or what doesn't?
You may notice the grey hair sticking out... the wrinkles around your eyes... the lines in your neck... your belly... the fat here and there...
You may think others see what you see and will criticize and judge you for that... 
So you track every details and make sure you point it out before someone else do... 
You might be aware of that or you might not even realize that you are your worst critic! 
Most of the time we have internalized this inner-critic and she feels like a natural part of us. But because an inner voice is familiar it doesn’t make her legit. 
We have all integrated society's standards around our bodies for so long that we sometimes don’t even know where to start to reclaim our beauty, and to love and accept our bodies just as they are.
Let’s change the relationship to our beauty; let’s change the narrative!
I have been working on learning to accept and love all of me over the years. This meant noticing how and when I was hard on me, and slowly shifting my relationship with this or that part to a more loving one.
I used to think I was too short, to dislike the shape of my nose, to find my lips too thin, my breasts too small and my thighs too big, I used to hate my knees and didn’t think much of my pussy…
I now feel confident in my own skin and so grateful for my body. I love my height, my nose, I find my breasts exquisite, my thighs and knees perfect just as they are… and I got to know my pussy really well and absolutely adore her ;-)
Do I still look in the mirror and see the tiny details others wouldn’t even see? Yes!
It is not an overnight cure and changing that reflex takes time, but now, when I look in the mirror, I am also able to step back of the inner-critic and see a beautiful woman. 
I am more kind and more loving to myself, especially to the parts of my body I used to be at war with.
The practice that I want to share with you today helped me so much in that journey of reclaiming my beauty! It comes from the Taoist tradition (like the Jade Egg) and is simple yet very efficient to switch the relationship with your body to a positive one. 
Basically you bring a big wide smile to your face, and you can smile to different parts of your body. You can do this as a step-by-step practice through all the different organs in an extensive way.
You can also smile towards the area that you are most challenged by. Smiling into those parts will change the relationship over time.
Some of my clients reported that by focusing on a challenging part for a while, they were finally able to fully surrender during sex. Yes!
Use the inner smile in whatever way is going to light you up. 

How do you do it?
>>The Inner-Smile Practice:
Step 1
Smile! :)
If it doesn’t feel genuine then fake it till you make it.... it will eventually become real!
Step 2
Smile into different parts of your body – beam the smile into it.
You can literally smile to anything.
It raises the vibration of the energy, which you will feel. It’s nourishing and healing, and it harmonizes the energy field.
Also, studies have shown that smiling changes the brain chemistry and feelings, so it’s a great way to set up your day or before doing something challenging.
Happy Easter Ladies!