Today I want to honor the mother in me.

Art by @kasiq

Art by @kasiq

My 3 year-old bumped his head the other night in the kitchen.

He was dancing with joy because his dessert was ready and somehow fell on his bum, knocking his head against the corner of the wall. Ouch! 
He had a little cut on the back of his head and after the bleeding stopped (plus a quick trip to a night pharmacy) we managed to close his wound with special band-aids.
The next day he had a fever and I took him to the doctor to make sure he was all right.
Long story short, he is fine now but in these few days, the mother in me took over, I had to cancel appointments and sessions to give him my 100% attention. 
And thankfully all the mothers that I am lucky to work with, understood.
That is simply what we do as mothers, when something is not right with our children; the mother in us takes over.
So today I want to honor the mother in me.
She has taught me so much about my inner strength, my capacity to love and to trust my intuition.
She is inspiring me to up-level myself in ways that I didn't know I could.
And honestly I cannot embrace and love fully who I am if I don't start by honoring the mother in me.
I want to invite you too to stop and fully honor the mother in you. Today's practice is all about that.

>>Honoring the mother in you practice:
Step 1:
Placing 2 pillows on the floor, you will start by sitting comfortably on one. Close your eyes and place on hand on your heart and one hand on your womb. Tune into the mother in you and imagine she is sitting in front on you on the other pillow. She might look like you or take any other form.
Step 2:
Then, you are going to stand up and switch pillow. Embodying the mother in you fully, you are going to express out loud how you are feeling, letting all of your emotions freely flow without filter (upset, tiredness, guilt, sadness, anger, joy...). 
Step 3:
Then switching back to the first pillow, you will start by acknowledging and validating her emotions and all that she expressed. And then expressing your awe for all that she is doing and the way she is caring for others in the best possible way she can. 
Finish by sending her unconditional love and support. 
Now, it might feel a bit awkward at first to speak to yourself, you might even think "Camille, what the hell do you want me to do?" but trust me and give it a try, it feels really good and it is a beautiful way to honor the mother in you.