Changing my relationship to my emotions...

Art by @Emi Walsh

Art by @Emi Walsh

Being a mother sometimes feels like being on a roller coaster: we have our highs and we also have our lows.

At some point or another, we all feel challenged by our emotions.

Some of us repress our emotions by thinking the way to get ahead is to push them down.

Some of us lose our balance with our emotions, giving way to either external or internal drama.

And some of us even alternate in between repressing emotions and getting overwhelmed by them...

I used to be a lot in control of my “uncomfortable” emotions, the pressure of being an amazing mom that I was putting on myself was making me feel like a failure when I couldn’t do all that I thought I should. Being raised by a dedicated stay-at-home mom didn’t help role model what it looks like to be a working mother.

Things only shifted when I learned to embrace the full spectrum of my emotions. I learned to stop avoiding my feelings, I took off the bad/good filter around them and I learned to bring presence to my emotions.

I use elaborate embodiment processes with client in my coaching but one simple way to do it right now is to acknowledge when an emotion is rising (like, oh, I am feeling angry, hello anger!), and then let the emotion run through your body by dancing with it.

Dancing with your anger, dancing with your sadness, dancing with your guilt, dancing with your fear…

And then, after feeling fully expressed, dancing with your pleasure (stroking your hair, touching your skin…) to retrain your nervous system, letting it know that it is ok to feel an emotion as a moving sensation in your body, and that it passes.

When I found my center and a healthy, balanced relationship to my emotions, it helped me understand that I could feel all of my feelings, and still move in the direction of my desires and my deepest truths (even if it feels scary!)

The more you empower yourself to do that, the more you claim the power of choice in your life.

Next time you feel like trying dancing with your emotions, put on the right piece of music and get moving!