What do you really want??

When we talk about our desires in a group of women, what I see over and over is that what is truly stopping us from taking the next big step is how much we believe in our own success!  
Most of the time we have the skills, what we lack is self-belief... 
...and without it we can’t turn our desires into actions.
You might have heard about the study that found that the women applied for promotions only when they believed they met 100% of the qualifications necessary for the job. The men were happy to apply when they thought they could meet 60% of the job requirement. 
So, essentially, women feel confident only when were are perfect. Or practically perfect...
This shows that even when we have plenty of ambition, we fundamentally doubt ourselves. 
And even if we have come a long way and consider ourselves smart, confident and powerful women... most of us still carry conditioning around being a woman and being empowered to a degree or another. 
So in order to stop doubting yourself and reclaim your power the very first step is to gain clarity around your DESIRES! 
When you pursue and honor your own desires you are a powerful woman.
Check out this week’s practice in this video: the Desire Practice.

This short practice helps you identify your desires and have the courage to pursue them.