Overwhelm Antidote: The Heart Power Meditation ❤

As I go through my day, trying to find my balance with being a mom and running my own business one of the thing I find most challenging is having enough energy to support all that I have to do AND stay sane!

It is so helpful to have a regular daily practice to help maintain that level of high vibrational energy and to be honest without it, I start to feel overwhelmed...

One of my favorite practices to fill myself up is the Heart Power Meditation.

This is great when you feel your inner-critic taking over or when you are afraid of being seen in the world. You work on a deep level as you drench yourself in self-love on your physical, energetic, mental, and emotional dimensions. 

Step 1 

Sitting or lying down, begin to inhale and exhale out of your spiritual heart at the center of your chest, your physical heart, and your breasts and chest. 

As you inhale and exhale, really connect to the love that exists inside of your heart.

Step 2 

Now as you inhale, feel your heart expand; exhale and feel this pulsation, this expansion of love into every aspect of your being. 

Inhale into your love; exhale and pulsate that love into every cell of your body, into your bones, your muscles, your blood. Let your body receive this infinite, unconditional love. 

Step 3 

Now as you inhale into your heart, exhale and pulsate love into your energy body. Feel every layer of energy within you filled with love and your whole aura sparkling and shimmering with love. 

Step 4 

Now as you inhale into your heart, feel your love; exhale and pulsate your love into every emotion existing within you right now. Feel the deepest of love connecting with every emotion. 

Step 5 

Inhale into your heart; exhale and pulsate love into your mind, into your thoughts, into the whole structure of your mind. 

Step 6 

Inhale into your heart and pulsate love into your soul and into your spirit; feel this deep connection of unconditional love permeating your whole soul and spirit. 

Step 7 

Now relax and feel yourself filled, drenched with the power of love on all levels.