3 simple tools to reset your mindset!

A friend asked me “how are you able to stay positive when things are overwhelming, when there is so much to worry about?”
She added, “you seem like you have it all figured it out!”
“No, I don’t” I replied smiling. “I sometimes am a hot mess too!”
That got me thinking... are we all imagining that other women have it all together but us? 
We project a lot of perfection on others and that makes it even more painful because we end up feeling not good enough... like this is out of reach.
The truth is we are all doing what we can with what we have!
And the biggest asset you have is your mindset.
Spending time taking yourself down because you are not as *** as her is not going to help.
I believe what helps is practical supportive tools that are easy to fit in your daily routine. 
So I shared with my friend the 3 simple tools that help me so much to keep my head up even when the overwhelm storm shows up.
And the beauty of it is that they all fit in the same notebook (and in your bag ;)

  • The mental bin: write down the list of worries or negative thoughts, criticism that goes through your mind at the back of your notebook. Keep journaling all day long whenever these thoughts appear. It won’t make them disappear but it feels good to release on paper and you will start to have a clearer picture of how you negative self-talk and worry. 

  • The gratitude list:  at the beginning of your notebook write down at least 5 things that you are grateful for in your life (big or small) every night before going to bed. This is so powerful; you get to train your brain to focus on the positive and to celebrate what you have.

  • The desire list: in the middle of your notebook, set a dedicated section to list out your desires, again small or big, material desires as well as soul level desires, all in! Start by minimum 5 a day (up to 20!) Feel free to draw or doodle if you feel creative as well ;) Listing your desires helps you refine what you want and you would be surprise at how many things manifest when you are stating them with clarity.

Okay, I just gave you an excuse to go shopping for a beautiful notebook!