Who is in need of a nature shot?! #digitaldetox

Lately I have been craving the contact with the ocean and the fresh air from the mountains, I live in London and at this time of year my whole body is ready for a summer break to get replenished by nature in my beautiful Basque Country in France.


I want to share a very simple practice that can help you take energy from nature and the love that’s around her (even if you don't live near nature). It’s great if you feel tired, depleted, overwhelmed by urban lifestyle, or simply in need of a digital detox!

In this practice, you are going to find a source of nature to be replenished by. For example: 

•      Walking in the forest 

•      Being by the ocean 

•      Drawing on nature if you live in an urban environment – the moonlight, 
the sunlight, the beauty of a flower, walking barefoot in a park, etc. 


Step 1 

Decide the source of nature that you are going to work with. Pull the energy, the Qi, the essence, the prana of nature into your system. 


Step 2 

Inhale it through your whole system and feel yourself holding this energy. As you exhale, feel yourself enriched, enlivened, and activated by it. 
Feel the power and energy of the ocean fill you, the power and energy of the night sky fill you, the power and energy of the moon or the sun fill you, and drink it into all of your cells. 


I have recorded my version of this practice with the wild waves of the Pacific Ocean on the background. Feel free to use it or the more general one (without the waves ;-) or you can even create your own!