Flirt mama, flirt!

When you are enjoying yourself, you become in touch with what moves you, what drives you inside.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself while enjoying something or someone else, but one that is especially good for you, as a woman cultivating your light, is flirting.

Yes flirtation is pure enjoyment, shared!

You can flirt with a baby or a puppy just as well as you can flirt with a hot guy in the seat next to you on a plane, or with your partner of 20 years.

Flirting can have a platonic or erotic energy. Either way, in these moments you - and they - are reminded who you truly are.

I suggest you flirt to feel full of light, to make you both feel better for the moment you share.

The kind of flirtation I suggest cannot be mistaken for manipulation or misrepresentation. It organically brings out your own authenticity and brilliance while bringing them out in another.

Instead of nagging your partner, what if you propose that you will remove one item of clothing for every plate he washes from the sink full of yesterday‘s dinner’s dishes?

Instead of threatening your child “if you don’t clean up your toys, no deserts!” try putting on music and sharing the new rules of the game: "one star sticker for every toy back in the toy chest and 20 stickers equals an extra hour at the playground tomorrow."

Flirting has this naturally playful energy that is contagious and inspiring.

One of my oldest friends used to be really terrible at flirting, as soon as she was near a guy she liked she would freeze and become awkward. She almost had given up meeting someone and was visiting a friend and her family in an isolated but beautiful Greek Island when the friend’s brother unexpectedly came to visit. There she was spending her days in total simplicity, working on the garden, happy. She was in her element and enjoying herself so much that she naturally opened up to this flirtatious state... and so did the brother.

I also used to be afraid of flirting and of giving someone the “wrong” signal. So I would avoid smiling strangers by being cold and distant. Shutting down my own light at the same time.

Thankfully I have now incorporated my sensual energy into my life and I feel at home and powerful in my body. So even without any make up, on a bad hair day I can still feel like a goddess flirting with life.

Once you know how to truly appreciate yourself, once you can see all that is right and good in you, as you can see it in others, all you need is to enjoy yourself and then share it with someone else.

So, go, goddess, go flirt with your reflection in the mirror, flirt with your child, flirt with your dancing body, flirt with your partner, flirt with the sunshine, and enjoy yourself.

Give it a go and report back!