From stress-based to pleasure-based: how to make the switch! 💋

One way to practice self-care is obviously to eat well, drink plenty of water, sleep well… 
but also to give your body pleasure daily! 

Sometimes the most simple things are forgotten or ignored... 

You might be wondering "when there is so many things in my head and so little time already how can I fit another thing?!"

I hear you! But I feel so much better when I do this!

If you don’t already, make pleasure a daily practice: take luxurious bath, practice kidneys soothing, sensual dancing or just even simply run your hands through your hair, as you go throughout your day give yourself more and more permission to be pleasure-based.

Having your body run on a vibration of pleasure is an incredible part of self-care. For most of us, our nervous system have been trained over and over again to run on stress, fear and anxiety. 

So we want to retrain our nervous system to actually sooth us back into a state of pleasure. 

One of the best ways to practice nourishment is kidneys soothing, it’s a key way to feel nourished for women. Your kidneys produce the vast majority of your sex hormones, so taking care of your kidneys is really important for taking care of your sexuality. 

They’re also the source of so much of your energy. In Chinese medicine system, in the Taoist system (which is where the Jade Egg comes from) they are the source of Yin inside of your body and women sexuality runs on this Yin energy: this is our oceanic rich sexual energy. 

And even if you’re not into all of that stuff just breathe into your kidneys that still works ;-)

Kidney Soothing Practice:

Step 1: so first you need to locate your kidneys, they are about the level of your navel on your back. So go ahead and cup your kidneys right now

Step 2: close your eyes and as you connect to them send them a tremendous amount of love (1min) 

Step 3: and then just gently begin to breath in and out of your kidneys. And feel that quality of oceanic energy from within them, feel them nourishing and enlivening your sexuality, your energy. As you send them love also thank them (1min)

Learning to self-soothe, learning to just hold your kidneys for periods throughout your day is an incredibly amazing way to support you and switch your body back out of stress cycles.

I really recommend that you start tying that very simple yet deeply nourishing practice in your daily self-care routine.