Episode #0 - There's something I haven't told you...

There’s something you *probably* don’t know about me, and to be totally real with you, it’s a little on the embarrassing side...

But heck, I just watched the new Brene Brown documentary and if anyone can inspire vulnerability and openness, it’s her!

So here it goes...

Flashback to 2002, I was studying in Barcelona for a year (thank you Erasmus!) and at that time my dream was to make movies and I was applying to get into the best movie making school in France. I also had a crush on my handsome neighbor. I was exalted and felt so inspired and alive.

Soon after I realized my hot neighbor had a boyfriend and not long after that I didn’t get accepted into my dream school. 

My ego was crushed.

I could have kept trying but instead I went back to studying History in Paris, living with my cat in a tiny studio. I felt lonely and uninspired; I lost touch with my creativity and followed my mother’s advice to become a teacher. My life - powered by passion until then- derailed. 

When most people give up on their dreams, they gradually numb themselves out. They tell themselves that this is it. C’est la vie! That only few lucky people can really make it living of their passion. And that at some point it is too late to do anything about it.

I’m living proof that’s not the case. After years of listening closer and closer to my guts and heart, I have never been so happy and passionate about what I do as I am creating the reality I truly wanted.

Even if you think you are stuck and so far from your dreams, you can always reconnect to your passionate self.

On today’s podcast (yep!) I’m talking all about (re)connecting to passion.

If you’ve ever felt disconnected from your source of passion, you won’t want to miss this podcast.

Head over here to check it out >>>

This is a short and sweet kind of podcast where I’m digging deep into...

  •  What it means to be passion fuelled 

  •  The link between sexual desire and finding your calling (yes!)

  •  The simple steps and the golden question to ask yourself



PS: this is my very first podcast episode, I was going to wait until I got a great microphone, the perfect timing and... the kids are at the park and I just felt like jumping in and couldn’t wait to share my content with you in this new format! So here it is in a rough version, there is no jingle and the sound quality may not be great but bear with me and please share your thoughts about it and also what you would like for me to cover in future episodes ;-) Thank you!