Episode #1 - Want less frustration and more playfulness?

After a long summer holiday, the children are finally back to school! YES! 

I am so grateful both my boys are now going to school!
And that it went so smoothly.
I remember the first time I took a weekend away from my son, years ago. It wasn’t so easy…
Today I want to talk about the importance of taking time off from being a mother.
Some of us find it easier than others but we all know that frustration and resentment build-up when we see others take time off but not us…

>> When your partner goes on a work trip and you get to stay at home with the children doing it all.

>> When you see your friends going on yoga retreat or fun nights out together and you can’t because your little one is not yet used to be without you.

>> When there is an event you so wish you could join, but you know it won’t happen because… you are not allowing yourself to go.

I’ll be talking today about balance and how to reclaim more time and space for you without the guilt trip. This is so crucial for your wellbeing!
I share about my own journey, what has worked for me and how you can restore your balance in a way that works for you.
In this podcast episode I am sharing all of this with you.

And also something important we all need to hear to change the way we see motherhood.
Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The signs of “cabin-fever” frustration rising up and how to know when it’s not going to go away with another glass of wine

  • What I realized after that first weekend away from my son

  • How Veronique managed to stay married and sane by doing this simple and essential thing (even quite late in life)

I want you to have this information because honestly, I see way too many women feeling guilty and tied up in their head about taking more time for themselves.
>>> Head over here to listen:

To more time alone, guilt-free ;) 

PS: I will be speaking at Sisterhood in Health Festival in Paris next weekend. If you are around come see me! I will be talking about yoni eggs and share an amazing sex magic practice for the lucky ladies attending the conference ;-) If you can’t join, don’t worry I’ve got you covered with something special, more about it in next week podcast, stay tuned;-)