Episode #3 - Here’s what’s going through my brain when I am checking my to do list

As we try to juggle life, work and our children we get easily overwhelmed by the many things we have to think about…
Our minds are SO busy.
In this state, we often lack the healthy necessary distance with our thoughts. We get all tangled up in our brain. And we end up loosing perspective on our personal goals and desires. 
The only thing we end up desiring is a break from it all!

What goes through my brain when I check my to do list is AHHHHHH!
A clear, focused and positive mindset is not something we are used to cultivate (or have time for).
Yet this helps so much to do both all the necessary things you have to do for others AND also make things happen for you too.
In this week’s episode of Beyond Motherhood, I want to share about the practice of visualization and how this tool can help you move towards your desires, your goals in a way that is really supportive.
Want to know how to stay clear, positive and focused (even in chaos)?

Even if all you have is only 5 min per day and you don’t know where to start?

I’m sharing all the answers and more on this week’s podcast episode.
I want you to know about the power of visualization because honestly, I see too many mothers letting their busy lives be an excuse from going after their own dreams.
>> Grab a drink, make yourself comfortable and head over here to listen:


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