Episode #2 - That time I almost went back to corporate world...

You know how sometimes you are trying really hard to figure out what you are supposed to do but you keep looping like a gold fish?

I am telling you this because I know too well the feeling... 

After having my second son I considered going back to corporate world instead of teaching yoga as a freelancer so I could have a regular paycheck again.

This appeared to be the most logical next step for me yet I was not excited about that perspective – at all.

On the other hand I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and all of this added more stress in my already busy mom life.

I was stuck in my head until I started to do something different: 

I stopped looking for an outside solution with my head and allowed by body and inner wisdom to guide me instead. And everything changed…

This is what happened when I started to practice with the Jade Egg

On today’s podcast episode I’m talking about this ancient healing tool and how it came into my life. 

If you’ve ever felt stuck or unsure about what is your next step in life or looking for more clarity and confidence, you won’t want to miss this episode. 

Head over here to check it out >

This is an episode where I’m letting you into... 

  • How I got into these life changing energy practices

  • How pleasure is right under healing and how to get there

  • How to access confidence and increase self-love in an empowered and beautiful way.


PS : Update! The date for the next online Jade Power Workshop in English is now confirmed, it will take place on October 13th click here to secure your spot. For French speaking ladies there will be one on September 29th en français ;) This is your chance to get all the information and details to start your own Jade Egg practice!