5 Senses Bath Ritual

#overcoming over-giving

I always loved baths but since I became a mom, they have been elevated to very precious bubble of alone time/space in my own home. 

Making it a ritual is a way to turn a regular soak into a sacred oasis for mental, emotional, and spiritual maintenance. 

It is one of my favorite way to spend 25 minutes on getting clarity and setting intentions, and letting everything negative go down the drain.

I usually like to pick an intention for my bath, light a candle, put essential oils into the bath, as well as a crystal to decrease stress. And then meditate or visualize my goals or desires. 

Do this ritual when you want to feel completely loved and nourished. Feeding all of your senses is an excellent way to claim some well-deserved you-time and turn your bathroom into a healing oasis.



·      Hot water (of course!)

·      Essential oils (relaxing: lavender, geranium or sandalwood; sensual: ylang-ylang, jasmin or fresh & energizing peppermint.)

·      Epsom salts

·      Candles 

·      Crystals

·      Body dry brush

·      Coconut or sesame oil

·      Favorite music or silence

·      Rose petals (optional but so beautiful)

·      Treat (fresh berries or dark chocolate...) 

·      Herb tea (during and after bath)



Step 1

Set privacy + set the mood: lock your door (to ensure no little one pops in!) put music on, run bath, sprinkle salts and essential oils, place crystals (if using) in your bath, light candles.

Step 2

Dry brush your body (brushing up towards your heart) cleansing old skins with the intention of releasing what no longer serves you.

Step 3

Massage body with love (and oil), greeting, complimenting and thanking each part of your body.

Step 4

Get in the bath and fill it up with your celebrations: whatever you are proud of, happy about.

Step 5

Connect to your 5 senses: candle gazing, berries snacking, listening to calm or music, feeling the warmth of the water on your skin, letting the smells of the essential oils carry you into meditation or a visualization of your goals or desires.

Step 6

After your bath, make yourself a cup of herbal tea to extend the benefices of the bath and your visualization. It’s the ideal time then to journal for about 5 minutes, writing out everything that comes to you.