Where does my energy go?

One thing I hear most often from other mothers is how exhausted they are.

Art by @Frédéric Forest

Art by @Frédéric Forest

Where does our energy go?

Yes from all that we do of course! But we might not be aware of all the other ways we leak energy...

Here is one main energy leak that we tend to entertain as women in our culture, most of the times without even realizing it:

Negative self-talk & negative self-regard

Women can be so hard on themselves, their own worst critic. And having a negative relationship with yourself, your body or your beauty is so depleting!

They key to counteract it is to engage actively in empowering body-talk, and celebrating your beauty no matter your age, shape, or anything else.

One of the most empowering things you can tell your body is, “It doesn’t matter if anyone else loves you, because I do.”

I want to share with you a very simple practice that can help you build a positive self-talk and positive self-regard (even if you feel you are already good at it already…we all need this :)

>> The Compliments Practice

Just compliment yourself and your body for five minutes.

This is such an energizing practice! You can also have a friend or a lover compliment you, your body, or your beauty for five minutes. Really practice letting that compliment sink into your body.

Step 1
Spend five minutes complimenting:

• Yourself

• Your personality

• Everything about you

• Your behavior

• Your body - physically or energetically

You can either speak these compliments out loud, which is a very powerful way to do this practice, or you can write them down. Another alternative is to ask someone in your life to compliment you or your body.

Step 2
As you are saying the compliments out loud, writing them down, or receiving them from someone else, notice:

• Do you immediately try to discard these compliments?

• Do you try to discount them or block them in some way?

• Can you receive them and take the energy of them? (The energy of high vibration, appreciation, and acknowledgment of being seen)

Remember that this really is just a habit. I you feel like it is so awkward to compliment yourself, then do it anyway and see how it makes you feel. It takes a lot of time and focus to break old habits, but it’s totally possible. Practice this over and over again.

When I started to show-up for myself day after day with showers of celebrations and compliments, something shifted in me, it is addictive.

Challenge yourself and try to do it at least 3 times this week!