How not to burn out this summer!

And yes the answer is DAILY SELF-PRACTICES!

They are so powerful to me, they help me maintain my energy and support my nervous system so I don’t get overwhelmed.

And they are the best way to come back into my body over and over again.

My favourite combination is some mouvement/breath activity to release any heaviness (like dancing or breathwork) + journaling or meditation to set my mind to a higher vibration and focus.

If you have been reading my newsletter for a while now you probably see I love sharing my practices with you... 

And you might have enjoyed the idea of doing one of them but not yet taken action? 

Here is your chance to try some of them ;)

Feel free to pick one or more of these 5 min practices to design your own Summer Program:



PS: don't wait until you are feeling burned out to start radically claiming your self-practice space and time, you deserve it! Let me know which one is your favourite?