The Four Seasons of your Sexuality

Summer is full on, vibrant and bold.
I am sitting outside in the warmth of the languid afternoon while 2 doves are expressing their love parade loudly. For them it is indeed summer…
In order to be thriving in our sex life it is key to let ourselves be seasonal and to honor each phase. Just like our creativity, our sexuality also is seasonal, we go through fall, winter, spring and summer regardless of the actual time of the year we are in…
As a culture, we tend to be summer obsessed. We are expected to be efficient, dynamic and performant! That leads to feeling energetically drained, because we don’t go through all the seasons hence missing the rest, integration and regeneration.
Especially as women we tend to forget to rest and regenerate, because we have been so culturally conditioned to always be serving and ready to show up.
When you observe the cycles in your own sexuality, you can move through all of the seasons and honor the flow from one to the other without judgment.
You might be wondering what season is your sexuality in…
So here is a general overview of what it means: 

  • Fall: when you let go of the past, release or grieve a relationship, a lover. You transition from being full on and passionate to having less fire, less desire.

  • Winter: might look like a state of nothingness, with no or little desire, but is about deep regeneration. Honoring rest, stillness and nothingness. Silence. This phase is so important for women. It is a time of deep nurturing and care of your feminine energy (Yin energy).

  • Spring: when you feel your sexual energy bubbling, alive, full of possibilities! It feels like a build up or a feeling of youthfulness. It can be at the beginning of a new relationship or a long term relationship experiencing a re-awakening of passion.

  • Summer: Peak of pleasure! It is when your feel full-on passion, your sexual energy fired up, the full blossoming.

So whatever season you are in, work with Nature and embrace it ;-)
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